Thursday, 28 May 2015

Googling whilst pregnant

You may remember a post I wrote about my obsession with Googling and checking parenting queries on the internet. Even when my own common sense told me the answer, I Googled away and scared myself silly with some of the rubbish that is available on the internet.  You can read about that little habit here

I thought my days of Googling might be reserved for when you need to know where you have seen that actor before, or more times than not, when trying to prove my husband wrong on something.  But then I have had the amazing news that I am pregnant with my second child, and it is like my Googling addiction has taken on a life of its own.  

I always seem to just want to 'check' things.  Even things I secretly know the answer to. But the thing is with the internet, there's kind of alot of views, facts, hoaxes, utter garbage and scaremongering to wade through or you will will become too horrified to continue on your search. It's also readily available, at home, at the park, in the restaurant, and my fingers just seem to be itching to hit that search button. 

A recent Google search I did was 'can you eat cheesecake when pregnant?'. This was after I had eaten one that was half of the size of my daughter's head. The only consensus appears to be that you need to find yourself a micro-biologist to come and test the food for you before you eat it for a definitive answer.  In fact, you should apply this micro-biologist answer to any food related questions including cheeses, eggs, mayonnaise and ice cream.  

I then went and reversed my car into the garage last week.  I had my seat belt on and slightly jolted forward.  I couldn't have been doing more that 3 miles per hour and there was no damage to the car or garage wall. However, off I toddled to Google 'reversing into a wall whilst pregnant'. To my disappointment nobody appeared to have wrote about this EXACT situation on the internet.  What I did find was horrifying stories of car collisions and placenta abruptions.   I telephoned my second Google advisor, my mum, who basically told me to get a hold of myself and go and have a cup of tea. Thanks mum. 

My advice for the whole of pregnancy? Go with your gut instinct.  Failing that, go and ask your mum.  Do not Google, because there will be some woman from Timbucktoo who ate a cheesecake and gave birth to a goat.  You have been warned.  Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Though if you do need a telephone number for a microbiologist I can hook you up. :-)

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear any Google pregnancy related stories!!!

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