Friday, 3 March 2017

My ASOS basket

I have had a long love affair with ASOS, in fact, I can remember when it used to be known as As Seen On Screen and you used to log on to try and find the replica top or dress Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton had (this was before their rehab days).  I still love a little browse in the early hours whilst I'm feeding Bee, and filling up and emptying my basket keeps me occupied and awake, in oppose to staring at the wall and wondering when Bee will decide that sleep is a good thing.  

I've got quite a long wish list going on at the moment, so thought I'd share what I'm currently coveting / pondering purchasing / debating if I really need / determined to recklessy buy. 

I love a pinafore dress and have worn my Topshop one to death.  I spotted this one and thought it looks a good length for Summer, is perfect for breastfeeding and also hides a multitude of sins.  

The jumper reminds me of the very, very expensive Bella Freud jumper that I've seen Caroline Flack in.  I love the stripes and I think I would wear this alot. 

I really like motif t-shirts at the moment.  I've seen a nice one in Whistles, but this t-shirt is a fraction of the price and is very similar.  It has a small French motif on one side, and so I could wear this and pretend I was Parisian.  

The spotty top I'm not so sure of now, it caught my eye and ended up in my favourites list.  I do think this would look good with jeans (and its breastfeeding friendly).  

Are cardigans still cool? Or am I showing my age? You can't really beat a cardigan if it gets a bit chilly though can you? I quite like this black one I spotted, and the model looks cool, so cardigans must still be a thing.  Maybe. 

I haven't got a holiday booked, but if I did, I would want this swimsuit. Who doesn't love a stripe and I love the cut of the suit itself.  Alot of sizes are sold out on ASOS, but I'm sure I've seen this suit in Debenhams too. 

There you have it, my current favourites that may be making it into my shopping bag soon! I also just wanted to say thank you for all of the lovely messages, love and support since I announced I was returning to blogging, I can't tell you how much it means.  You guys are lovely.  Have a fab weekend and see you next week.  

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