Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday Fashion Finds

You guys seemed to really like my ASOS fashion picks from last week, so I thought I would do another one today with more of what I've been buying from ASOS and Topshop.  LL has been under the weather with a cold recently which has set her reflux off, so I've been up alot in the night. As those of you that are regular readers know, my favourite thing to do during night feeds is to sit and browse every possible online clothing store and pretend to fill up my basket. Sometimes, I place my order, sometimes I forget all about it, and sometimes I just order it all because it makes me feel better at 5am.

So let's start off with the most random Spring purchase ever, a Christmas cardigan.  Last Christmas, for reasons unknown, I really wanted a Christmas cardigan.  I couldn't find one I liked anywhere, and then I spotted this in the ASOS sale last week.  They only have a few sizes left, but, I did order the 8 and it's quite large.  It also doesn't have any buttons so is quite drapey at the front, so you could get away with this size if you are a 10/12.  I know I won't be able to wear this for oh, another 9 months, but I thought I'd kick myself if I didn't get it before it sells out. 

Now returning to more season appropriate clothes, I ADORE stripes, and I've lost count of the fashion posts on here that involve a stripe in some shape or form.  This jumper fits the stripe category perfectly, and it has the most gorgeous detailing around the neck, made up of small jewels and sheer fabric.  I know I'm going to wear it ALOT.  The jumper itself is amazing quality and is a really nice fit too and I'd say true to size. 

I've wanted a jumpsuit that I can wear in the day for ages, but I just couldn't seem to find one that I liked, and that I could easily breastfeed in too.  I found this little beauty on ASOS and love it!! The buttons down the front mean I can feed LL and the fabric is really soft and comfy to wear.  The middle belt section means it can hide a multitude of bumps around the waist area.  I intend to dress this down with converse and flats, but you could just as easily dress it up if you fancied. 

I spotted this shirt on the Topshop website ages ago, but then forgot about it.  When I saw Louise Redknapp wearing it last week, I was reminded that I needed it in my life. They have mostly sold out online (think there are a few smaller sizes left), but, if you check your local store information on the Topshop website you'll probably be able to find this beauty.  I love the Spring colours of this shirt and the fact that it is a shirt means I can feed LL in it too (hurrah!).  I intend to dress the shirt down with denim and converse, or heels for an evening look.   

That's all my finds for this week, next on my shopping hit list is some motif t-shirts and smart crop / capri (do they still call them that?!) trousers.  Hope you have a fab weekend and see you next week, AND, are you following me on Instagram? I've posted a picture of me wearing the Oasis jumper this morning, and I'm always Insta-storying something, though it's usually about my eyebrow growing mission (more of that another day), anyway, you can find my social media buttons on the right! Bye for now and thanks for reading!

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