Monday, 13 March 2017

five things it's ok not to have as a blogger

At the very start of my blogging journey, I didn't really know what I was doing.  I opened a Blogger account, sat down to type and so it began. But pretty quickly I started to realise that there were alot of things that 'bloggers' did, that I just didn't.  Today I thought I would share with you the five things that it's OK not to have as a blogger.  I also found some HILARIOUS photographs from my early posts to demonstrate my early blogging fails... 

1. A Graffiti Wall or quiet street
Why does everyone else seem to have a perfectly placed and accessible graffiti wall? Amazing Graffiti wall shots litter my Instagram feed, with the blogger happily stood in front, showcasing their new buys or doing a creative pose.  Or maybe it's the street shot, where the blogger stands in a secluded street, just as the sun is setting to nonchalantly turn to look at the camera.  My reality? My most glamorous back drop is my white garage door.  Attempts at recreating any other outdoor shots have resulted in my neighbour shouting if I was OK as I was stood against our garden wall. I think they thought I was about to pass out and I didn't have the heart to tell them that was my leaning against a wall pose.  Other glamorous locations I have tried include my window ledge?!?  

Not sure what the hell I was thinking

Leaning against the wall pose, amidst potted plants

2.  The Blogger Pose
Before I tried my hand at a bit of blogger modelling, I thought it would be very simple. How very wrong I was.  My outtakes range from me looking scared or in pain, to verging on plain frightening.  

Never quite got the 'look to the side' pose

Also never managed to figure out how to take a mid-air shot.  Obviously. 

3. A Willing Husband
I love my husband, I really do, but sometimes I wish he would jump up and say, 'come on darling, lets go and take fifty photographs of you in your new dress, and we won't stop until we have the perfect shot for your blog'.  That's never going to happen and there's more chance of me learning my dog to use the camera.  On the occasion I have dragged my husband out to take an outfit shot, I literally have one-shot to get the picture, and that's it. 

That was my shot

4. A natural flat lay ability
More and more flat lays pop up on my social media.  My attempts at recreating such shots result in it looking like I have thrown all items on the floor, and if I do ever get it right, the dog walks into shot, or someone decides to sit in the middle of it all. 

My flat lay. It just looks like it needs clearing up

5. The same as everyone else
If we all photographed the same, did the same thing and blogged about the same thing, then what a boring world it would be.  Not having the same as everyone else really sets a blog apart, and it's that authenticity and originality I know I look for when reading blogs. Since my early blogging fails, I've since learnt to rock my own style, because being true to yourself and being authentic is what makes each and every blog unique.

I may not have the poses, the photographer husband, nor indeed the flat lay ability, but should blogging ever require a white garage door, failed jump attempts or the most interesting pose in a windowsill, well, let's just say Zoella had better watch out. 


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