Friday, 17 June 2016

The Milk Edit 17.06.16

This week, I popped into town to pick up a few last minute holiday clothes.  For some reason, I thought it would be an easy mission.  That was my first mistake.  My second, was to end up pushing a pram and holding LL whilst also try to get a few essentials from Sainsbury's with, erm, no hands free.  But that's another story for another day. 

I had to put back at least 3/4 of the clothes I tried on.  It got me thinking that it really isn't just a case of a top or dress being able to be pulled to the side, lifted up or unbuttoned to be breastfeeding friendly.  When you are breastfeeding, things like the lowness of the back and front (for compatibility with a nursing bra and the amount of boob you actually want to show), the thickness and positioning of the straps, the amount of stretch or give in the material all play a part as to if a little one can latch on in your said outfit. 

I managed to pick up a few pieces in the end, and I've put all my shopping 'research' to practice for this week's post.  I hope you enjoy this week's The Milk Edit, and don't forget to follow on Instagram too, with the username The_Milk_Edit, and use the hashtag #themilkedit with any outfits that you find easy to breastfeed in. You shouldn't be confined to vests and t-shirts just because you're breastfeeding. 

Thank you again for all your lovely support and fingers crossed for some sunshine this weekend in the UK. Enjoy! 

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Milk Edit 10.06.16

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support I've received for the new weekly The Milk Edit feature.  I really appreciate your comments and it means so so much to receive such kind messages.  I really hope you enjoy this week's little round-up from, all of which are new in stores, and whilst you won't find them in the nursing section in stores, all can be easily worn when breastfeeding by either pulling to one side or unbuttoning.   

Don't forget you can follow The Milk Edit on Instagram with the username @the_milk_edit and if you use the hashtag #themilkedit I'll be sure to re-post photo's of any easy breastfeeding styles you've found. 

Enjoy, and have an amazing weekend. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Marathon?

Sleep deprivation sends you mad.  Or maybe sleep deprivation brings you some clarity.  Or maybe sleep deprivation just messes with your head and it's bloody awful.  During the midst of my sleep deprivation haze and the days where I prayed for just two measly hours sleep last month, I went and entered the 2017 London Marathon. 

Yep. You read that right.  That isn't a typo.  I've gone and entered a marathon.    

You see, I was never a runner.  These legs weren't particularly made for running. Those of you that have read my blog for a while will know back in 2014 I began training for a half marathon.  It nearly killed me. There were tears, phone calls to my husband mid-run because I couldn't muster the energy to run back home, and there was also that time I wanted to chop all my hair off because it had become so matted during a morning misty run. You can read all about that running journey here, here and here.

But, for all the tears, the pain, the times I really didn't want to run, nothing compared to that feeling of accomplishment when I actually ran the full 13.1 miles.  I was exhausted and ecstatic, and the medal hung in our living room for at least a year before my husband put it in a drawer.   

I've always wanted to do the London Marathon.  I've watched it on the television and wondered could I do that? Would I dare? 

I'm going to say something that sounds really cheesy here.  Having and planning for a baby, being pregnant twice and going through labour twice have really given me a new appreciation for my body.  It's alot stronger than I think.  It's pretty amazing.  And I'm only just starting to realise that things I think I can't do, I actually can.  I don't want to wake up at 80 with a list of could have's and what ifs.   

The London Marathon is a random draw in October, so I won't find out if I've got a place until then. This also means I need to get running in case I am picked. 

At the moment I've done about five runs.  I can run about two miles and that feels pretty tough.  My legs have forgotten they can run.  My lungs have definitely forgotten how to breathe in enough oxygen whilst running. It's hard.  It's not enjoyable. But I know if I keep doing it, then at some point it will click, and the two will become three miles and the three will become four miles, which needs to turn into twenty six miles at some point (I've actually just Googled how far a marathon is and the first article to come up was three reasons why you shouldn't run a marathon...ha!).

I'll be posting running updates and my progress from the two miles I can barely run at the moment.  I was going to end with an inspiring quote or something but I think we all do things that scare us or that we work towards and feel proud.  It's not just about running. It's a personal target.  Here goes... 

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A party for three

I absolutely love organising Bee's birthday parties.  Some might say a little too much.  I say if you're going to do a party then you go hard or you go home.  Or something like that.  I'm currently in the midst of organising Bee's fourth birthday party in a couple of weeks, and it got me thinking to the time no-one came to her birthday party. 

It was her second birthday party and we had decided to have it a local soft play.  The little ones could have a few hours playing and basically going wild, then would have some food and go wild some more.  Not the most refined birthday party, but hey, at two, who doesn't love whizzing down a giant slide at least fifty times.  

The list of invites hadn't been a particularly long one, and we had invited some of her little friends from baby groups we went to, friends and their little ones and family members too.  I think the total number of children was about twelve.  A good number you would think.  But, as the weeks passed after giving out our invites the 'we can't comes' started to outnumber the 'yes we're comings'.   Twelve became ten.  Ten became eight. A week before the party, the total number was five children, including Bee.  

I could work with five.  Five wasn't huge, but it was an OK number I thought.  Then two more dropped out.  That left Bee and two of her friends.  

A party of three. 

I shed a little tear.  Who has just two friends at a birthday party? This was obviously my fault.  I clearly hadn't made enough effort with people and now my daughter was going to be friendless forever.  I envisaged the years to come.  My lonely daughter with no friends.  Inviting random's off the street to make up numbers.  She'd become a lonely, single cat woman.  Forever. 

Ok, so I got a bit carried away with my thoughts.  But it all boiled down to the fact that it was my fault. I was a bad mum. 

The day of the party came.  And do you know what?  Bee had the time of her life.  She laughed, she whizzed around, her cheeks were bright red from exhaustion, but that girl had the best time ever in that soft play centre with her two friends. 

Did she mind that her other friends weren't there? No. She didn't give it a second thought.  She had her family there and a ball pit.  She had hugs and kisses and cake. Oh and a big birthday badge. And that was enough. 

Last year we had about 15 children at her party and it was lovely.  But it was no better or no worse than her very little 2nd birthday party.

All those thoughts I had about her having no friends were ridiculous.  As she's got older, we've attended different groups and she now goes to pre-school.  Some friendships have changed.  Some have stopped.  New ones have formed.  And I guess that's all a part of growing up.  It's nothing to be forced or worried about, and it's nothing to do with my parenting skills.  

We all compare.  I think it's human nature.  Parties have got bigger, more fancy and more pinnable, which is fine.  But if you're having a party for your little one and the guest list is small or becomes tiny like ours, then so what.  Numbers mean nothing at all, won't do any lasting damage and your little one won't be a cat lady or cat man.  All it really means is that you have more time for your little one, more time for cake and for going down that really, really big slide.   

Friday, 3 June 2016

Introducing the milk edit

Searching for clothing that you can easily breastfeed in is something that I seem to be constantly doing at the moment.  I find that when I clothes shop or browse online I really have to consider how I can breastfeed in a particular outfit and how easy it would be to access that boob to feed Bee.  Whether items need to be easy to lift, pull to the side or unbutton, it really can take a while to find something that not only looks on trend but is feeding friendly too. 

Although there are specific nursing sections in shops and online, I find that the selection is very limited and does not represent the choice and style of clothes that are widely available.  

Today marks the launch of a new feature of my blog called The Milk Edit. The Milk Edit is a new weekly feature which will pull together key pieces and styles of current fashion looks from online and in-store retailers, all which can easily be worn whilst breastfeeding.  

The Milk Edit will go live every Friday and you can also follow The Milk Edit over at Instagram with the username The_milk_edit.  If you have any outfits that you breastfeed in, please upload a picture to Instagram with the hash-tag #themilkedit and I'll include it over on the Instagram page and let's share what looks work for us breastfeeding mamas.  Just because you are breastfeeding it shouldn't mean a limited choice of fashion. 

For today's very first The Milk Edit I thought I'd share a few outfits that I've recently purchased.  These outfits are ideal to breastfeed in and are also perfect for the Summer. All are comfy and easily unbutton or unclip to attach a hungry baba. 

Thank you for your all of your continued support and I really hope The Milk Edit brings fashion, functionality and breastfeeding mamas together. 

Some of the above links are affiliate links. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Summer Oldies

The sun is shining and Summer is just around the corner...well kind of. If you live in the UK you need to forget the days last week where it was freezing and we had torrential rain. But, it's the 1st of June and for all intents and purposes, that means Summer is upon us. A new season means switching up the beauty products I use and rediscovering some products that have been stashed away at the back of my cupboard.

As a blogger, it can sometimes be tempting to jump on the band wagon for all of the lovely new products and beauty releases.  But sometimes, the oldies are the best.  These products have stood the test of time, I've already blogged and raved about them and I still love them today. Here's my top Summer picks that I am currently loving from the blog archives. 

The Foundation
Warmer days means less make up, I want a foundation that isn't too heavy and isn't going to slide down my face as the days get warmer, oh and if if could make my skin look amazing that would be great too.  For Summer, I adore the Estee Lauder Enlighten Even Effect Skin Tone Corrector, you can read all about that here and see how it looks and why it's so lovely. 

Another Estee Lauder pick is the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche.  A light scent that smells of holiday and sunshine, what more could you want? More on that here.

Truth be told, I haven't worn nail polish in months.  I literally do not have the time at the moment, and painting my nails just feels like another thing on my never ending to do list. I do have around 60 seconds spare though, so enter Rimmel's 60 second nail polish that I am a huge fan of.  I painted my nails in the shade 503, Mind The Gap Victoria, and I've had three compliments already.  It's a beautiful shade that builds up the colour brilliantly in just two coats.  More on the shade here.  

Ok, Summer.  I think I'm ready for you! 

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