Friday, 10 July 2015

Pregnancy Blog : Week 22

I'm now 22 weeks and I keep thinking that I'm past the half-way point! Sometimes that makes me feel happy, that, in the not too distant future I will get to meet Baby Bee. But sometimes, it makes me feel a little sad, as there is only 18 weeks left of my pregnancy. I know that may sound bizarre, as I suffered so much with my BFF, morning sickness, but I just think pregnancy is so special and I feel so lucky to have the chance to experience it again, that I kind of don't want it to go by too quickly. I want to enjoy every week.  Not that I want this pregnancy to last forever, but I'm excited just to be pregnant, not to mention the amazing part of having a baby at the end of it. 

It's been such a busy week as my daughter has now turned three!! We threw a Paddington Bear party for her on the weekend and to say I'd planned ahead would be an understatement. This party was executed with military precision! She really enjoyed herself and everything went to plan. If you are interested, there will be an upcoming blog on how to throw a Paddington Bear party, from the party bags, games to a home-made cake! 

The down side to all of this toddler partying was that for the following two days after the party, I felt like I had the worst hangover ever, though a drop of alcohol never even passed my lips.  I think it was my body's way of telling me to slow down a little. After a VERY early night, I've felt much better since. 

I also keep managing to somehow bend in the middle of my bump, as it's not huge yet, I forget it's there and then find I've strained myself when I bend down.  I'm sure the baby must be wondering what the hell I'm doing.  I also find it uncomfortable to sit on some chairs and on the sofa too, I feel like a pair of legs suddenly appears just below my ribcage. I've had some pains in my lower back which I can't remember from the first time round.  I guess everything is stretching and moving around, but I thought it was too early in my pregnancy for all of this malarkey? And surely my body has already stretched once so know's what to do? I also have replaced morning sickness with heartburn, so I've bought the biggest bottle of Gaviscon that is so big it looks like I bought it from a joke shop. 

I'm sure I'm making my pregnancy sound very glamorous, but I am absolutely loving it! I've already made lots of lists as to things I need to do before baby arrives and I'm already planning a big spring clean. Whilst we do have most of the things we need for baby, that hasn't stopped me drooling over a pram today! It was also in the sale! But I resisted...for now!

Sorry that its been a little bit quiet on the blog front too. I find I can't blog when I've lots of things to do and I'm not relaxed, and today is the first day I've felt able to type what's going on in my little pregnant head! 

I have a great post tomorrow about the Summer perfume that you need in your life, so be sure to pop back then! 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, 

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  1. Such a gorgeous bump and mumma! Can't wait to read the write up of the party, sounds wonderful. Though glad you've taken some time to rest since.

    I loved being pregnant but didn't really appreciate it at the time so it's lovely to read this post. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Oh wow, wow, wow! How did I miss this? Exciting times ahead, beautiful. You look absolutely stunning! Glad you managed to have a rest after the party. xx