Monday, 29 September 2014

Haircut with a toddler in tow

I am very lazy with my hair at the moment.  Pre-baby, you could usually find me for hours on end in the salon, trying to perfect the latest blonde or brown hue.  Post-baby, I whack on a home hair dye and now resemble something similar to Cousin It.  Not that I've let myself go or anything, but my hair is at the bottom of a long list of other priorities (but don't worry, I still make time for make up and shopping!).  So, we are going on our holidays next week, and I did not want to look back on our holiday snaps and wonder who the bedraggled looking lady was with my husband and daughter.  A SOS haircut was needed.  But, my problem was that  I could only book in for a haircut whilst my two year old daughter was with me. Hmmmmm.

To be honest, hair cut's have never been that relaxing to me.  It all seems a bit unnatural talking to a complete stranger whilst you cautiously eye up how much they are actually snipping off your head, as chunks of hair fall to the floor. Baba wasn't intruding on my 'me' time by coming along.  In fact I was glad of the company.  What worried me more was that Baba could have a full blown tantrum and I may have to leave the salon with only half my head cut.  But this was an SOS after all.

I prepared.  And then prepared some more.  I filled my bag with snacks, drinks and books.  I had Peppa Pig at the ready on YouTube. I downloaded her favourite game on the I Phone.  I charged my I Phone. I was ready to go into battle.  I mean, get my haircut. 

The day arrived, went perfectly.  Baba sat next to me in a chair and happily munched on her apple whilst Peppa and George got up to their usual antics. All the ladies cooed over what a sweet and well behaved girl she was.  I wasn't stressed, I have to say, and rather than keeping on eye on the hairdresser whilst chatting, I had one eye on my daughter.  Luckily, the hairdresser was fantastic and I love my new hair!!

Baba has never had her hair cut and the hairdresser offered to give her a little trim too, so she had her first hair cut! It was only a little trim, but it does look alot tidier. Baba was so excited!!! There was no drama, no tantrums and not a tear in sight from either of us. I would never chance a cut and colour, but a cut went perfectly.  The only problem is I have now run out of mobile data as Peppa Pig has drained all my monthly allowance!!! Oh well, at least we both have nice swishy hair! 

Thanks for reading! And have you ever taken your child with you to the hairdressers? Would you? Would you mind if a child was there watching Peppa Pig? Comments below please!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Running Update: Double figures.

There are only 4 weeks to go until my very first half marathon. EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! (If you haven't read my running journey so far and what I'm actually up to then you can catch up here.) So, this weekend was the big one.  I actually had to do a 10 mile run as part of my training.  All week, this run was on my mind.  I don't know if it was the thought of getting into double figures, or if it was the fact that 10 miles sounded way too far, but I was actually dreading doing it. It wasn't a nice feeling.  And as I am a worrier by nature, this didn't make things any easier.  BUT. I knew I had to do it.  There was no backing out.  I couldn't run a half marathon if I can't get passed 10. So, on Sunday morning at 7.30 am off I ran.

First of all, planning a 10 mile run wasn't that easy and I don't know if I planned the best route.  We do live quite near a cycle route, but, I was a bit worried (!) that it might be a bit too quiet along there at 7.30 am on a Sunday morning.  Safety first.  So instead I ran to a nearby pub which was 2.5 miles away (unfortunately I didn't go in), I then ran home (5 miles), ran back to the pub (7.5 miles) and then ran home for the final 10 miles.  It wasn't exactly flat, and as I ran back up a hill for the second time in a row I seriously questioned my ability in planning a straightforward route. 

I can not tell you the range of emotions I felt when running.  There was alot of me thinking that I couldn't do it and I needed to lie down. There was then me telling myself I could do it and willing myself on.  Then I thought of why I was doing the run and raising money for UNICEF, I tried to focus on how proud I would feel after completing it, then I thought of collapsing.  Mile after mile I ran...and mile after mile I was having this inner dialogue of thinking I can do it to thinking there's just no way.  But then, by some small miracle, I did it!

I literally opened our front door and lay face first on the floor. That's how utterly exhausted I felt. Sunday passed in a bit of a blur, all I really wanted to do was lie in bed, but when you have a two year old, you can't do this. I was also a bit worried as my knee started hurting, and I was unsure if I had injured myself.  But, I can report that today I am still alive and  I feel fine.  There is no pain in my knee and I feel a wave of relief that I actually ran for 10 miles.  Of course, this isn't over.  I need to try and run 12 miles next week, but that's next week, and those nasty double figures can back off for a week while I recoup.  

I never thought the journey and training would be so hard in running my first half marathon.  But I am going to do this.  I am going to try and raise as much money as I can for UNICEF.  Then I will probably collapse face first at the finish line.  But I will do it. 

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P.S. If you did fancy sponsoring me (no pressure) pop on over to my Just Giving Page here and any donation, now matter how small will help me raise some money for this amazing cause, for children and families who face hardships that are much worse than me trying to run a half marathon, every single day of their lives. Thank you x

Mama and More

Friday, 26 September 2014

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Review

I have to have a leave in conditioner after washing my hair.  I really HAVE to.  My hair resembles somewhat of a bedraggled bush style that gives me the look of some crazed cave woman after washing and some days I feel like a need a garden rake to brush rather than a comb.  I usually use the Aussie Hair spray leave in conditioners, but when mine ran out last week I thought I would try something different. 

I have tried Moroccan hair oil in the past, but I wanted a cheaper alternative. I found OGX renewing argan oil in Boots whilst simultaneously chasing Baba with her little trolley. Its a very similar texture to the Moroccan hair oil, maybe this is a little bit thinner.  The smell is pleasant and the only way I can describe it is it smells hair-salony if that even makes sense. 

It claims to protect hair against heat styling and UV damage whilst also strengthening your hair.  Sounds good to me.  I was a little apprehensive as this is pretty cheap next to its rivals.  But I was so impressed!  You apply a small blob to your hands then work it through damp hair.  My hair instantly felt softer, and by some sheer miracle, I actually found it so much easier to brush.  After I had dried it, my hair continued to feel softer and I think it looked shinier, even if I do say so myself.  The following day I could still feel the difference in my hair, and it continued to feel alot softer.  I also haven't noticed any greasiness or horrible residue left on my hair from this product which you can sometimes get with leave in products.

You can pick OGX renewing argan oil in any Boots store and at only £6.99 this is definitely a new fixture in my hair care routine.  Be gone oh cave woman!  

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Sister Tag

Ahhh sisters, where would we be without them?! My lovely little sister agreed to complete the sister tag with me whilst we were both at our parents house for Sunday lunch.  I have taken the questions from the lovely You-Tuber, Amelia Liana, who recently did the sister tag. Go and check her out if you haven't seen her before.  She's ace. Anyways, onto me and my sister.  Here's what happened when we both sat down to answer the questions...

1. What is the age difference between you both? 

Me: How many years younger are you?
Rachel: (Raises eyebrows). Three. 

2. Do people ever get you both confused?

Rachel: Yes.  Mum does all the time.  She never knows who she is talking to. 
Me: Yeah.  I don't think anyone else gets us confused though. 

3.What is the last text you sent each other?

Me: (laughs). 
Rachel: I text you saying, "Do you get paid for this task? Ha,ha. Yes I will worries". This was because you had asked me to do this tag today and I was seeing if I got paid!
Me: For the record you don't Rachel. And my text reply was,  "Errrr no! Ok, I will ask you some questions and need to take some pictures of us together so you will need to be dressed with make up on xxx". Ha,ha! I wanted to make sure you weren't slobbing about in your pjs! 
Rachel:(rolls eyebrows).  

4. Name one of the others annoying habits?

Rachel: (Without hesitation) You're bossy.
Me: You need bossing about, you need direction!
Rachel: (Expletive- that isn't appropriate for my blog).
Laura: Erm I can't think of your annoying habits off hand. Ermmm.
How you say 'work' is really annoying.  You sort of say 'werk'.
Rachel: At least I go to work. 
Laura: Shut up. 

5. What is one thing you enjoy doing together?

Rachel: Shopping.
Me: You live in Manchester so when we do see each other we tend to be out and about doing stuff, like going for days out. 
Rachel: And we also argue over Sunday lunch at mum's house. 

6. Do you get on?

Rachel:(laughs). Not really. 
Me: Would you care to expand?
Rachel: We are very different.  You're very sensible and I am very spontaneous. 
Me: (laughs). We get on more now than we used to. 
Rachel: That's because we don't live together. 
Me: I've thought of a better annoying habit now.  You are way too sarcastic. 
Rachel: I call it wit. 
Me: Hmmm. 

7. What can you do that the other sister can't?

Rachel: (Thinks for a while). 
Me: I can sing.
Rachel: Errrmmm. No. No, you can't Laura. Don't write that. You are more thoughtful than me.
Me: You can party til dawn and I can't. 
Rachel: True. True. Though I'm usually in bed by 2am.
Me: OK, til 2am. 

8. Who takes longer to get ready? 

Rachel: You.
Me: Do you think? I always think you faff about more than me and then sit watching TV.
Rachel: Exactly.  I'm so quick I have lots of time to spare. 

9. Share an old photo of you both. 

Me: Ha,ha...we have the same fringe and we are in the same top! Awww! I'm definitely the cute one!
Rachel: (Expletive, again, really not suitable for my blog). 

Ahhh I am sure the sisterly love just shines from the page in this post!!! Reading it back there were alot of shut-ups and insults, sisterly love is a very complicated thing! Thank you to my lovely little sister Rachel for answering all the questions, and for her guest appearance on my blog today!

Have you got a sister and fancy doing this tag? If you do, be sure to comment below so I can read yours! 

AS always, thanks for reading, 

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Super Busy Mum

Monday, 22 September 2014

Project Yes: Coffee & Polenta Cake

Remember my project "yes" pledge last week? If you missed out on that post (shame on you!) you can catch up here.  Basically I want to say 'yes' to more things and have more fun with Baba.  Not that we don't have fun now, I just want to curb saying 'no' as much as I do and get out there and be spontaneous. 

So, on my 'yes' mission, it dawned on me that me and Baba have never had a girly coffee together! Ever! When Baba was a tiny baby I always used to meet up with friends for coffee and cake, but since Baba has been a toddler I have never just taken her.  We tend to just quickly nip to the shops or places and we never take the time to sit and relax!

During this epiphany, the sun was shining and birds singing, and they were all the signs I needed.  There is a coffee shop in our local village that I have never been too, so Baba grabbed her Peppa Pig backpack, I grabbed my purse, and with the promise of cake, Baba hopped into her trike and we walked the 10 minutes into the village. 

We found a nice little spot in the coffee shop's outside garden. Baba was an angel (again, she knew cake was on the cards), and we both patiently waited for our order to arrive. 

One glass of milk, one vanilla latte and a lemon polenta cake later, and we were both munching and drinking to our little hearts content. It was so  so lovely! Something so simple that made us both very happy! In true non-blogger style I didn't take a single cake snap...we would both rather have just dug in than me mess about trying to take a good picture. Afterwards, Baba ran around the garden area, watching bees and butterflies as they pollinated the flowers and drank nectar. 

On the way home Baba turned to me and said, "I love coffee with mummy", "yes, I do too", I replied, "its the best".   

Friday, 19 September 2014

Holey jeans & Batfink in a cardigan

Back in the day, maybe 10 years ago when me and my husband were at university, if was very cool to have ripped jeans.  Oh yes indeedy, if you had a rip in your jeans, you were one of the cool kids. I can remember my husband kindly ripping my jeans for me which I don't think my mum was too impressed with.  I can also remember my husband's mum sewing all his rips up when he took his washing home once, and he wasn't too impressed with that either.  Fast forward all those years, and the rips are back in.  I did debate ripping into a pair of jeans in my wardrobe, but didn't want to risk the ripped look going back out of fashion again, and me being left with some holey jeans. 

Primark came to my rescue, and I picked these beauties up for £12 last week.  They are very comfy and the rips are in the right places-I didn't want a thigh or bum rip, I was quite happy with just a rip at the knee thank you very much! These jeans fit really well and don't get baggy even after a few wears. Paired with a t-shirt for the day, or even heels and a cute top for the night I think I will be getting some wear out of these over the new few months. 

I also picked up this gorgeous blue cardigan from Primark for £8. It is so so soft and I love this hue of blue.  My usual Autumn dressing involves all my Summer clothes with a cardigan on top, so this is perfect!

(It's the perfect size for pretending you are BatFink).

What are your new season wardrobe pieces? Please let me know in the comments! Happy Friday!

"Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day", Shira Tamir. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tram times

Who thought trams would be interesting?  Erm, well not me.  But I put my doubts aside and one sunny weekend we all went to Crich Tramway Village.  And what a lovely time we had!

The Crich Tramway Village is centered around a little village (go figures!) that is actually an old fashioned style village, with an old style pub, tea rooms, an old sweet shop and my favourite, an ice cream parlour.  To be honest, I can easily be swayed if there is a little food involved! Along the main road into the little village is a tram line, and various trams run up and down the lines about every 5 minutes.  

Your entry includes as many rides on the trams as you like.  They have old styled conductors, who ask for your fare (an old penny that they give you at the entrance), and then you buy your ticket from the conductor. Baba thought this was particularly fascinating, as we never use the bus, so the prospect of handing over a big penny to the man with a hat was very exciting! Its the simple things!

The tram line runs for about a mile up to the Derbyshire countryside with lovely views and you can hop on and off at any point before returning to the little village for treats and a wander about. There's lots of different trams to choose to ride, though having no knowledge whatsoever, I will describe them as thus: big ones, tall ones, one that looked like a boat and very old ones. Baba couldn't decide which tram she wanted to go on, luckily for her as they were all free, we went on a few!

If you are interested in the history of trams there's a little museum-like area.  There's also an indoor and outdoor play area, little fair rides and picnic spots.  All in all we had such a lovely day.  You can also take dogs as long as they are on leads, so Mr Pablo T Dog can come on our next trip.  Also, once you have paid for entry, (under 4s are free), you can return as many times as you like throughout the year for free. 

Before going I did have my doubts as to how much fun a tramway village would actually be, and I think you sometimes forget how children see things too.  Baba absolutely loved it and was fascinated.  We thought it was a fab day out, and the staff that worked there were really passionate about the trams and village. Definitely a very toddler friendly place. The Crich Tramway Village website is here and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. 

As always thanks for reading, 

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Being a YES mummy

Before I had my daughter I had alot of crazy ideas.  These ranged from ideas that I could watch movies at night when I had a two week old tucked up in her moses basket, that I would still be able to have a leisurely shower with a baby and that I could continue to go to the toilet in peace.  Boy, did my ideas bubble get burst.  But I also had these other aspirations of the kind of mum I wanted to be.

I wanted to be a kind mum, a patient mum and I also wanted to be a fun mum. I try my hardest to be the best mum I can be. But sometimes, instead of having lots of fun, I'm juggling dog walking, ironing (when does the ironing ever end-oh yeah it doesn't), cleaning and washing.  Fun can get pushed to the side a bit, and a word I keep saying is 'no'.  Eurgh. Who wants to hear 'no'? Who want to be a 'no' mummy? 'No Baba we can't go outside just yet', 'No please don't climb up there'.  So I've decided I am going to try and stop it. 

I don't mean I am going to become one of these mums that never says no to their child and then lets them have 8 fizzy drinks and a bag full of sugar and lets them climb up the curtains.  I just want to appreciate my time with Baba more and be more spontaneous and fun. 

I am in such a lucky position that I haven't had to return to work (yet), and I sometimes , most of the time, I do not appreciate that. It just slips my mind in my day to day life.  I have the whole day to do as I please with my gorgeous daughter.  We can do whatever we want. The world is our oyster! (Almost). I mean I still need to walk the dog, conquer the mountain that is the ironing and do a spot of cleaning, but I will never get this time back with my daughter.  

This is our time. I'm not saying it's all going to be fun and games. I mean both me and Baba have our good and bad days.  But I'm going to give saying yes more a go.

So, within reason, if Baba wants to play outside in her PJS after breakfast why shouldn't we? Why say no? Let's go and have more FUN and run and play and laugh. I will keep you updated with my project 'yes'. Let's do this! 

"The most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took the time to plan", Kushandwizdom.  

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm not in

There is a confession I have to make.  And maybe what makes it easier to confess is that the majority of people who are my friends and family don't read this blog.  (Yes, I'm a secret blogger and you can read all about that here).

But my confession to you all today is this: I hate people calling at my house unexpectedly. You know when people just 'pop by' out of the blue because they were 'passing by'.  The thought of it makes me want to go running to the nearest spot where I can't be seen from the window. It's not that I don't like people coming round to our house. We have a lovely house, food is usually in the cupboards and I have tea and coffee making facilities.  We even have toilets.  It's just that I hate unexpected visitors. Eurgh.  

When I am at home, I am usually make up free, in my most casual clothes, ok, let me re-phrase that. I am usually in my pjs.  I may or may not have taken a shower depending on what I am up to.  I mean, I don't like to shower before I clean the house.  I see that as completely counter-productive. I scrub the house, then I take a shower.  So on some days, I may not be hitting that shower cubicle til well after lunch.  Baba is perfectly ok with this and the aroma, but I am not sure how comfortable people 'popping by' will be. 

Also, it kind of disrupts my routine.  When Baba takes a nap, I really do not want any visitors.  No, no, no.  This is my 'ME' time. This is the time I set about for myself to do my very important jobs, you know like admin for my blog, paint my toe nails, catch up on TOWIE, perfect my Beyonce dance moves (a girls got to practice these things).  

Have I ever pretended I am out? Maybe.  Maybe I have hid so fast behind the settee I pulled my neck.  However, now Baba is a bit older, it's kind of hard to hide with a toddler shouting 'why are you lying down mummy?".  I've tried. 

So by all means come and visit, but don't expect me to answer the door, make you tea and feed you biscuits or my last bit of chocolate cake if you aren't on the calendar and have a designated time and date appointment! I am now in the process of perfecting my army crawl as we speak!

Are you alot more wonderful than me and like people dropping by unexpectedly? Or do you prefer a little notice? Preferably a week or three? 
Comments below please!

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Friday, 12 September 2014

In The Light Of The Moon

When I was pregnant with Baba I had read in a book somewhere (for once not Google) that you should read to your bump, and not being one to miss out on anything, I began to read Baba the hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Such a lovely, lovely story.  To this day, its still a favourite in our household and my husband especially loves acting out eating all the delicious food that the very hungry caterpillar ate up. 

We have never actually been to a butterfly farm, and as my husband had a day off for his birthday I thought it would be the perfect chance to go.  I have to point out here that my husband isn't the greatest fan of things flying around his head, so you could say this wasn't the best birthday present.  BUT, we all absolutely loved it, and I think my husband has a new appreciation of butterflies now (thank god he hasn't developed a phobia). 

We went to the Stratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm and it was magical! A link to their page is here. I have never seen such beautiful or big butterflies. There were just hundreds in the air, it really was spectacular. You walk round a little path in this very hot greenhouse, around a little pond with giant carp in the middle. As well as the hundreds of butterflies flying through the air there is a caterpillar and cocoon section, and also a bug exhibit with the usual suspect creepy crawlies of spiders, snakes and lizards.

We spent a good few hours just wandering around and then sitting and trying to spot all the different types of butterfly.  The butterflies even land on you and you can feed them fruit.

It was only £6.25 for each of us to get in, and under 3's are free. The ticket also meant you could come and go all day as you pleased. This little gem is definitely worth a visit, and I think it is so good to show little ones things from their much beloved bedtime stories. 

My top tips for visiting are:

-There are no toilets on site, but there are toilets on the car park just down the drive from the Farm
-There isn't a cafe but you can buy drinks and snacks in the shop. Outside the farm is a lovely picnic area and there are places to eat very nearby. 
-Don't wear too many layers.  It is very humid once inside. 
-If you can, don't take your pram inside.  I did see a mum pushing a pram around, but for ease, we left ours at the reception and Baba walked round.  If your little one is really little I would opt for a baby carrier.
-A camera is a must.  Its beautiful!

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty", Maya Angelou. 

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

T-shirts and Skirts

A t-shirt is a go to staple of any wardrobe. Perfect to throw on with jeans or tuck into a skirt, and perfect to layer with a cardigan as Autumn draws ever nearer. 

Whilst out shopping last week two t-shirts caught my eye that just had to live in my wardrobe(!). The first t-shirt I picked up is this white printed tee from Zara.  Its says 'Beauty Fades, Brains are Forever', which is as good a message as any to wear on your t-shirt methinks. There's a link to the tee here and its £9.99Zara has such a lovely range of t-shirts at the moment so definitely worth taking a look.

The second t-shirt I picked up was from Vera Moda and I just couldn't resist. I tweeted that maybe I was having an early thirties midlife crisis as I was a bit unsure if this top is a tad young for me.  But I thought sod it, I like it so why shouldn't I wear it! Baba was also very impressed with it too and it makes her giggle! I've searched the web for a link to this top but can't seem to find it.  If you pop in store I am sure you can pick one up if you so wish and its £12.99.

So to go with my two t-shirts, I found this gorgeous maroon skirt from Primark.  It's a lovely length and very comfortable.  Perfect for paring with flats or converse, and the cut is quite flattering too (its very stretchy), perfect for chasing Baba around in.  For only £5 I think this is such a good buy and I think I may be popping by to pick more up as they have quite a variety of colours. 

All in all it was a very successful shopping trip and a few essential pieces that haven't broke the bank. As always thanks so much for reading!

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes".

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Monday, 8 September 2014

A Five Year Anniversary

It is mine and my husband's five year wedding anniversary today. Hip hooray to us! Its been five amazing years since we said our vows. Five very long years at times. Five very stressful years at times.  Five tough years at times. But five very happy and wonderful years.  

My husband is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, to grow old with, to experience the world and everything in it with. He is the person I love the most.  And what is his reward for being at the centre of my universe?  He experiences my grumpiness, my bad moods, my whining (I do love a good whine), my being selfish, my snapping, my bickering.  He is the one that gets to see my worse flaws and most worst moods, lucky him! Being married is a delicate dance of give and take, of giving and receiving. And I certainly don't always get it right. 

Relationships change when you have a baby, and that's what everyone says isn't it? And they really do.  You whole world shifts from just two planets circling one another to you both orbiting the gorgeous little planet that is your baby (maybe I shouldn't have used an astronomy metaphor when I don't know what I am talking about!).  At times its tough. It is oh so easy to forget that before that wonderful little person that is your baby came along, you had met another completely wonderful person too. 

I strive to be the best mum I can be, I worry if I am good enough, I worry if I am doing things right.  I strive to be the best I can be, and sometimes my husband is on the sideline of that.  I love my husband more now after all we have been through together. I need to appreciate him more and strive to be not only the best mum I can be, but also the best wife I can be.  And I don't mean that in a strange 1950s obey your husband type way.  I mean it in a we both should be striving to be the best partner to each other we can be. 

So as we celebrate our five year anniversary, I want to thank my husband for being the most amazing person, for being the most amazing dad to our little girl, and for seeing through my flaws. I want to thank him for being him.  Marriage is amazing, but it takes work, patience and a whole lot of love. 

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Shhhh...Are you a secret blogger?

When I first pressed the publish button on my blog only three people knew about it.  My husband, my mum, and my dad.  That was it. Bizarrely I was happy to type away to the world wide expanse that is the internet, but I was basically too embarrassed to tell anyone who actually knew me what I was up to. 

Skip forward to a month of blogging, and the grand total of friends and family in 'the know' had increased to the grand total of six. And to be fair, that was because people had clicked on links on my Instagram rather than me actually telling them. 

Skip forward to today, and erm, well, my grand total is under 10. And no, this is not because I am a social recluse and have limited friends. I am actually still embarrassed. I worry people will think I am ego-centric, I worry people will question what I write and basically I worry about being judged. Even as I type this, I realise this says alot more about my own personal insecurities, because deep down I know that friends and family would not say or think that. I know that if I told them they would be lovely and supportive.  But this ladies and gentleman, is my inner critic talking, and the girl does not shut-up. 

I am more than happy to tweet to random strangers about a new blog post, but tell one of my friends? Nah. It's just too much! And so this got me thinking, do other bloggers tell the world about their blog? And when I say, the world, I actually mean your nearest and dearest? Do family and friends know about your internet typing's, do your work colleagues know? Do the other mums at the school gate know about your awful week because you just blogged about it?   

I read somewhere you should be your own self-promotion when it comes to blogging and maybe one day I will have the courage to shout it loud and proud that I blog, but for the moment its my little secret...between me, you and the world wide web that is.  But to you, I am a complete stranger.  And there is something oddly comforting in typing my ramblings and thoughts to strangers for me, it makes me feel more confident in expressing what I want to say. So lets keep it between us for now? 

I often wonder if I told mum's at messy play or playgroup my secret, would they just have to log on to have a nosey to see if I actually own any clothes that aren't covered in paint or play dough? Possibly. I know I certainly would. 

So all fellow bloggers...what are your thoughts? I am fascinated to know, please join in and comment below!

As always, thank you for reading! 

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