Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For everyone in the UK, it is Father's Day this Sunday if you didn't already know.  I always struggle to think of new ideas of what to get my dad and father in law for Fathers Day.  Usually for their birthdays I tend to ask them what gifts they might like, but for Fathers Day I like to buy them a gift that I have thought of (sorry, what me and my husband have thought of!!!).  So here is my top 5 gifts for Fathers Day, and whilst I am no expert at crafts, gift picking or presentation (I have these AMAZING ideas that never translate as well in practice), I hope I will inspire and help you for this coming Sunday.

1. For The Foodie

I have given a little food hamper as gifts on several occasions now and it always goes down a treat!!! Who doesn't like receiving a basket full of delicious goodies, and the bonus is if you put it together yourself it needn't be that expensive.

First of all, you need something to put the food into.  I tend to have a look in T K Maxx for baskets, which are usually really cheap, but to be honest loads of shops tend to stock baskets now.  If you don't want to buy a basket, another idea is to wrap all the food in cellophane, and then fasten at the top with ribbon.  Or, places like M&S do nice shopper bags for around £1.50.

Next, you just need to have a think about what your dad likes to eat.  Maybe hes into chocolate, so I would buy a selection of different biscuits, maybe a box of chocolates, a small bottle of wine/ prosecco or maybe a bottle of beer? The good thing is you can tailor this to exactly what your dad likes.  Other ideas are coffee, cheeses, liqueurs.  The bonus is you can get all of this stuff whilst you are doing your weekly shop, or I quite like having a ferret around those gorgeous farm shops for lovely treats!!! I would just stay away from fruit though cos you don't want it to look like a basket you take to someone in hospital!!!!

So then, you just need to put everything together, and make it look pretty.  In all honesty, I have two confessions to make.  I bought the bag in the picture and then realised that the things I had bought were fitting quite snuggly inside to say the least.  I may swap to a bigger bag, I'll see how it goes!  And, there were a few more treats to go inside this bag that have mysteriously gone missing (wipes crumbs from laptop), but do not fear, I am off to Sainsburys on Thursday and these shall be replaced and no-one will ever know.  Hurrah!

2. For The Film Lover

This is a good gift for a dad who likes his movies or the cinema.  Pick a movie or two you know your dad will like, then pair it with treats and goodies so your dad can have a real movie night in! If you can't find a movie your dad will like, then you could consider getting a subscription to an on demand movie service like LoveFilm or Netflix...or you could get him a gift card for your local cinema.

Me and my husband recently watched Captain Philips and we think my dad will absolutely love this film (would definitely recommend watching), so I have paired the DVD with some popcorn and sweet treats.  I have wrapped the gift in cellophane (definitely get a roll from Ebay if you haven't already got some.  I am always using it) and then I made a cute gift tag to finish it off. And I think the finished gift looks pretty good. 

3. From The Little Ones

I always get a little gift from Baba too now, and this year as she is nearly two, I have decided to put her artistic talents to good use and frame some of her work as gifts.  I bought small frames from Wilkinson's (they were only £3 each).  I think this size will easily fit onto a desk or table, rather than presenting them with a large A4 version.  I then asked Baba to draw a picture of herself and granddad, and open to some artistic interpretation, I think they are works of art! I think the granddads will love them!  I've added the mandatory granddad socks (which were only a couple of pounds from the card factory), and a new mug (from Tesco)! (If you haven't got children, I acknowledge you may think there is nothing worse than receiving a scribble as a gift).

4. A Thoughtful Meal

If you are really unsure of what to get your dad, or they are the man that already has everything, why don't you think about treating your dad to a meal this Sunday.  Whilst going out to a restaurant is a lovely idea, sometimes it is just as nice for you to put that extra thought in and cook for your dad.  You have two options really, one is to do the cooking, and the other is to buy food in if you are not that handy in the kitchen (like the M&S meal deals!)  For the first option, think about your dads favourite meals and then plan a meal for him.  You could wrap a cookery book up to give your dad on the day and bookmark and recipe with the words 'this is what I am making you for lunch'! 
Or how about taking it Alfresco with a BBQ or picnic.  In all honesty, if there is fire involved your dad is going to get stuck in too.  If the weather isn't looking great, how about an indoor picnic? Buy lots of little snacks and sweets treats, throw a rug down in your front room and voila!  I've found that doing things like this are the most fun and most appreciated gifts. 

5. A Bit Of Fashion

So for my husband, I decided to have a mooch around town to see if I could find any clothing that he might like.  I always seem to drop on in Next, and that is where I picked up this lovely shirt.  
You can't see it too clearly on the shirt, but there is tiny white spots all over it.  I do try and pick something for my husband that he might not normally pick himself, and usually he is pretty pleased with the outcome. You can buy this shirt from Next here
I will pair this shirt with a few other goodies for him (I know, he's a lucky guy).  And then I plan to make us a yummy breakfast, I'm thinking waffles, and then we are going out for lunch. My husband is under strict orders not to look at my blog until after Sunday!!

For more ideas, you can take a look at my other Fathers Day gift ideas post, and there you have it, I hope I have given you a little bit of inspiration for Fathers day.  I hope you all enjoy spending the time with your Dads, or with loved ones if your Dads are not near. 
Wishing you all a lovely day. 

See you on Friday for a bit of Fashion!


  1. These are all such thoughtful grift ideas! I think I may concoct the movie man hamper ;) sounds fantastic, thank you so much!

    p.s you have such a beautiful name!
    Renee xx

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment Renee! Ooooh and why didn't I think of the catchy name- movie man hamper!!! :-) good luck with it and thanks for stopping by!

  3. What lovely gift ideas! I am responsible for my organising the gift for my father in law (to be!) and I think the gift hamper would go down an absolute storm.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Thank you Beccy! Hope you have a lovely fathers day and manage to sort out a gift hamper! I have just replaced the missing biscuits from my father-in-laws so all is well. :-)

  4. I really love the idea of the movie hamper! Oh maybe I could make a football hamper for the World Cup for mine on a similar level seeing as he's such a boring football obsessive and will be glued to the TV for the next month bless him xxx ��

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post Gemma. Love the idea of a football hamper just in time for the World Cup!
      Have a lovely fathers day!

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